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DrinKup Smart Bottle



With DrinKup, keeping hydrated has never been so easy​
Build Great Hydration Habits, Build a Healthier You!​

  • Your Personal Hydration Planner

    DrinKup Smart bottle recommends the most appropriate water intake needs according to your height, weight & daily activities.

  • Analyzing your Hydration Log

    The hydration log keeps track of your daily hydration. Through the data and the chart you can better understand your needs and start building the right hydration habits.

  • DrinKup Notification

    The Smart lid will alert you with a vibration and app notification when its time to DrinKup. Now, you will never be too busy to DrinKup!​​

  • Connecting with Health Apps

    Sharing your daily activities status via wearable devices with DrinKup, will help DrinKup to adjust your water intake needs.


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