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It does do an excellent job of keeping me hydrated.
The best recovery gadgets for your thoughest workouts. A personal assistant for your hydration.
DrinKup uses a high-tech smart lid to track your water intake throughout the day
Water too hot alert and water intake record function are amazing!
The smart water bottle by DrinKup is a worthwhile investment.

Staying hydrated has never been easier.
Create better habits and a healthier you with DrinKup!


Your Personalized Hydration Planner

DrinKup Smart Bottle recommends the most appropriate water intake, based on your height, weight & daily activities. It's that easy!

01 Open and Drink

Remove the smart lid and drink water as usual.

02 Seal and Review

Water status will show up right after the smart lid is screwed tightly onto the bottle.

03 Stay Hydrated with Reminders

DrinKup will vibrate and a “♡” will appear on the LED screen when it’s time to DrinKup. The app will send notification too!

Understanding your hydration habits more via the APP

Understanding your hydration habits more via the APP

  • Except reading from smart lid, you can also read your real-time water intake from DrinKup app.

  • You can better understand your needs and start building the right hydration habits through the hydration logs.

  • Sharing your daily activities status via Apple Health and Fitbit with DrinKup, will help DrinKup adjust your water intake needs !

Tilt to read

Simply tilt DrinKup to read your current water balance status, try to keep it above 90%!

Automatically synchronize

DrinKup will synchronize automatically when bluetooth and DrinKup app is on on your smart device.

Vibrate to remind

A “♡” will appear on the LED screen and vibrate when your water balance is lower than 80%.

Flip to detect your drink’s temperature

Flip your DrinKup upside down until it vibrates and you can read your drink’s current temperature on the LED screen.

  • Beware! The water’s current temperature is 50℃ or above

  • Water has been placed in DrinKup for over 24 hours, time to replace

  • Last for several months on a full charge

  • Build with stainless steel 18/10 (316), keep drinks warm for 12 hours and cool for 24 hours

  • Easy to wash by hand

  • The prefect volume
    500ml (17oz)

4 Colors Available


Coral Red

Lemon Yellow

Midnight Blue

Arctic White

DrinKup with your Family & Friends


Encourage Hydration Balance Together

Engage with your Friends & Family who also have a DrinKup by monitoring their hydration status. When your friends need to be hydrated send them a friendly reminder, showing you care. DrinKup makes drinking water more fun.

Family Accounts

Looking to monitor your loved ones without a smartphone, now it can be done easily. With DrinKup you can setup a special sub account for your loved ones so you can monitor their hydration as well. By setting up a sub account never worry about the hydration of your loved ones.



Capacity:500ml (17oz)

Dimension:Height 249mm x Width 73mm

Bottle Materials:Stainless Steel 18-10 (316)

Smart Lid Materials:Aluminum Alloy 6061, Food Grade PP, High grade Tritan (BPA free plastic)

Smart Screen:5 x 16 LED lattice screen

Battery Specs:400mAh Lithium Polymer Battery

Weight:350 ±10g

Connectivity:Bluetooth 4.2 BLE

Voltage:Micro USB 5V / 500mA

Usage on Full Charge:30~90 Days

Warranty:1-year warranty from the product ship out date


  • QDo I have to connect with smart device all the time when I am using DrinKup?

    ANo, you can still use DrinKup even it is not syncing with smart device for all the functions (e.g. record your water intake level, temperature detection, DrinKup reminder, “HOT” signal).

  • QDo I have to charge DrinKup everyday?

    A No. DrinKup can last for 30 – 90days per fully charge.

  • QCan I wash DrinKup?

    AA Yes, it is easy to wash by hand, but please be reminded that do not soak the smart lid and make sure all the waterproof parts are on the correct place to prevent water damage.


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