Please note that DrinKup app will support iOS9.1 or above and Android 4.1.2 ~ Android 8.1 only. DrinKup Reminder Notification will not be available on Android 9 or above.


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  • QDo I have to connect with smart device all the time when I am using DrinKup?

    ANo, you can still use DrinKup even it is not syncing with smart device for all the functions (e.g. record your water intake level, temperature detection, DrinKup reminder, “HOT” signal).

  • QDo I have to charge DrinKup everyday?

    A No. DrinKup can last for 30 – 90days per fully charge.

  • QDo I have to turn on and off my DrinKup everyday?

    ANo. DrinKup will turn on automatically once it starts charging and it will start recording your water intake level in the recording period untill the battery runs out.

  • QCan I wash DrinKup?

    AA Yes, it is easy to wash by hand, but please be reminded that do not soak the smart lid and make sure all the waterproof parts are on the correct place to prevent water damage.

  • QCan I fill drinks other than water in DrinKup?

    AYes, but please do not fill with acidic drinks, liquids containing salt or hot soups. These liquids make cause poor insulation function.