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A DrinKupper’s Story – Blerislifestyle

A DrinKupper’s Story – Blerislifestyle

People are super busy nowadays.

We go to work, gather with friends and family, scroll through Instagram, and more! With such demanding schedules, drinking water often goes to the bottom of our list and we don’t even have time to notice we’re dehydrated.


That’s why Instagram user @Blerislifestyle wrote: “I always forget to drink enough water during the day, and I just found this amazing smart bottle from DrinKup that reminds me how much water I still need to drink per day to stay hydrated and also tells me how much I have already drank. This water bottle is great bottle who are too busy to realize they are dehydrated.”


DrinKup is designed for people who forget to hydrate. With the little “♡” reminder on the smart lid, DrinKup will vibrate when your water balance has dropped to 79% and the “♡” will flash every few seconds until you drink enough and your water balance is over 80%. No more keeping track of how much water you’ve drank! DrinKup will now do this for you. Staying hydrated has never been easier – create better habits and a healthier you with us today.
  • July 21, 2018
  • DrinKup Team