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How to drink consistently throughout the day with DrinKup

How to drink consistently throughout the day with DrinKup

DrinKup is very different from your traditional water bottle. Not only is it a thermos that keeps your drinks cold and warm, but it’s also smart, designed to help you drink water consistently throughout the day - something that is often forgotten and hard to pursue.

“We recommend the most appropriate water intake needs for you”

According to your height, weight and daily activities, DrinKup will provide a recommended daily water intake goal and, based on the recording period you set, DrinKup will calculate how much you should drink every hour.

“Know your hydration status quickly by reading the percentage”

Your hydration balance will go up when you drink, and it will drop from time to time. Using % to represent hydration status helps people to understand their water intake status easily. We suggest trying to keep your hydration status at 90% - 100%, if it drop to 80% or less, it means it is time to DrinKup.

“A friend who always reminds you to drink water”

We know that even when we drink water, it doesn’t mean we are drinking consistently throughout the day. DrinKup reminds you to drink up when your hydration status drops to 80% or less, it will vibrate once and a “♡” will appear. If you did not drink and your hydration balance keeps dropping, the “♡” will flash every few seconds, so, drink when the heart lights up and try to keep your hydration balance above 80% to stay hydrated!
  • July 01, 2018
  • DrinKup Team