Please note that DrinKup app will support iOS9.1 or above and Android 4.1.2 ~ Android 8.1 only. DrinKup Reminder Notification will not be available on Android 9 or above.


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Light on DrinKup Smart Lid, Part 2 – Reminders

Light on DrinKup Smart Lid, Part 2 – Reminders

By now, you should notice that a heart flashes on your smart lid when it is time to DrinKup. At DrinKup, we want users to feel passionate about their health, and care about their hydration levels. That is why we chose a heart-shaped icon – every part of DrinKup’s analysis is a friendly reminder to users that hydration impacts our physical and mental wellbeing. Just as the heart symbolizes love, DrinKup loves helping people develop better hydration habits.

♡ - Reminder

When your hydration balance drops below 80%, DrinKup will vibrate once to remind you it is time to DrinKup. Because it measures the amount of water in the bottle, a heart will also start flashing if you do not drink water after the first reminder. From there, the DrinKup lid will keep flashing until you drink enough water to raise your hydration balance above 80%. Our goal is to get every user to drink enough water throughout the day and seldom see the flashing heart. That means you are meeting your personal water intake levels and more importantly, you are properly hydrated!

  • October 07, 2018
  • DrinKup Team