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Lights on the DrinKup Smart Lid, part 1 – Hydration Balance

Lights on the DrinKup Smart Lid, part 1 – Hydration Balance

We know that lots of DrinKuppers love our smart lid because they can read important information directly on the screen. This is one of the reasons why we designed the smart lid to send reminders through the screen, rather than just a glow through the bottle or a blinking light. Our unique smart lid is one of the many ways the DrinKup bottle stands out from the rest. As a four-part series, we will introduce some of the important signals on the smart lid and what they mean.

Hydration Balance:

DrinKup estimates the most appropriate water intake needsand sets a daily water intake goal based first on your height and weight. The daily water intake goal will help DrinKup determine if you have been drinking enough water on an hourly basis. And to make things simpler, DrinKup shows water intake through percentages instead of volume – no need to do the math with milliliters, as the app and lid will let you know how close you are to drinking 100% of your daily intake. We suggest DrinKuppers keep their hydration balance above 90% all the time, and if your hydration balance falls below 80%, it is time for you to “drink up!” Remember: it is important to consistently drink water, do not limit your water intake to only when you are feeling thirsty. 

Let’s stay hydrated throughout the day with DrinKup!

  • September 17, 2018
  • DrinKup Team