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The Lights on DrinKup Smart Lid, Part 4 – HOT Alert

The Lights on DrinKup Smart Lid, Part 4 – HOT Alert

We know it’s common (and easy) to get burnt while drinking hot drinks – especially when you’re using a thermos. DrinKup not only detects your drink’s temperature, but also alerts you when your drink is too hot to drink, to prevent you from getting burnt.

Hot drinks Alert – HOT

After you close your bottle, DrinKup will analyze water intake and temperature. When the bottle detects your drink is too hot ( over 50℃/122°F), a “HOT” signal will appear when you open your bottle to let you know that your drink may be too hot to drink.

Concepts of the light

DrinKup always wants our users to understand how our bottle works in the easiest way and quickly improve their hydration habits. That’s why we chose to simply alert drink temperature with the word “HOT,” as a direct alert that likely won’t go unnoticed.

  • December 05, 2018
  • DrinKup Team