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DrinKup Smart APP

Easily Meet Your Hydration Goals

Easily Meet Your Hydration Goals

Download the DrinKup smart bottle APP and sync the bottle with your smartphone.
The DrinKup APP will automatically provide hydration goals based off your provided information. With ease, the app will automatically remind you when you should hydrate making sure you are always at optimal hydration levels.

Using the DrinKup App

Using the DrinKup App

  • Understanding Your Hydration Status

    On the home page you will find valuable information on your daily hydration status. e.g. Your current hydration %, total water consumed, and constant hourly hydration ration.

  • Analyzing your Hydration Log

    The hydration log keeps track of your daily hydration and keeps track of the information in a log. Through the data and the chart you can better understand your needs and start building the right hydration habits.

  • DrinKup with your Family & Friends

    Engage with your Friends & Family who also have a DrinKup by monitoring their hydration status. When your friends need to be hydrated send them a friendly reminder, showing you care. DrinKup makes drinking water more fun.

  • Personalize your DrinKup app

    The app can personalized to you. In the setting page select your favorite icon pic, setup your personal information, and customize the app to your needs. E.g. Select a name for your bottle, select Celsius or Fahrenheit for your temperature detection, and much more.

Understanding Your Hydration Needs

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Understanding Your Hydration Needs

  • Hydration Balance

    Lets you know if you are getting dehydrated or need to take a drink. Keeping your hydration at 80%-100% optimal for being well hydrated.

  • Full Hydration

    Informs you how many times you have reached hydration balance throughout the day. 8/16 means that out of 16 hours you have only reached hydration balance 8 times. So in that case you will know that you should be drinking more water.

  • Total Consumed

    Provides information on total water consumed for the day.

  • Hydration Chart

    The hydration chart will visually let you see how your hydration is doing throughout your day. From here you will be more informed about what part of the day you need to drink more water. By clicking on the chart you can see the line by line data of your water consumption throughout the day.

  • Manually Add Hydration

    For more accurate data, you can manually add hydration information into the app. Whether you are out having a coffee with friends or drinking water in a restaurant, keep your hydration information up to date all the time.


DrinKup together with Friends & Family

  • Stay close with your friends & Family

    Using the DrinKup app you can stay close with your friends & family by monitoring their hydration status. Giving you more to talk about when you see each other.

  • Encourage hydration balance together

    Instantly know your friends hydration status and help them reach their hydration goals. Encourage each other to drink more and achieve hydration balance together.

  • Push Notifications for Hydration reminders

    When your hydration balance becomes too low the app automatically remind you to hydrate. Helping you achieve the optimal hydration balance your body needs.

  • Show your friends you care

    Help your friends reach hydration balance by sending them a heart to remind them to hydrate. By showing you care you can help them reach their hydration balance while keeping them healthy and motivated to drink more.


DrinKup Account, Apps, & Other Features

  • Connect multiple bottles

    One DrinKup account can connect with multiple bottles. Now you can choose which bottle you want to connect easily. Whether you have a bottle for work, for home, or for the gym, by using the app you can quickly change to the bottle you are using.

  • Family Accounts

    Looking to monitor your loved ones without a smartphone, now it can be done easily. With DrinKup you can setup a special sub account for your loved ones so you can monitor their hydration as well. By setting up a sub account never worry about the hydration of your loved ones.

  • Lower Battery Reminder

    The app will display the battery life and the Bluetooth connection status of the DrinKup bottle. Whenever the battery is less than 20% the top of the smart lid will light up to remind you that your battery is getting low. So you will also know when you should be charging the smart lid.