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A water bottle that can optimize your hydration to the next level.

Have all your hydration stats in the palm of your hands.
DrinKup can record your hydration routines, remind you when you should drink water, and help you build great hydration habits.
It also keeps you alert by reminding you when your hydration is low. DrinKup is the trouble free way to keep you hydrated.

New design

DrinKup not only logs all your hydration information, but also will remind you when you need to hydrate. Through the touch sensitive smart lid, easily find all the information about your hydration needs.

New Design

  • Know Your Hydration Status

    Every time you tap on the smart cap it will display the current water intake, keeping you informed if your hydration is in optimal condition.

  • Automatic Hydration Reminders

    Never forget to stay hydrated during a busy day. DrinKup analyzes your water intake and reminds you when your hydration levels are running low.

  • Say Goodbye to Mouth Burns

    The smart lid can detect the temperature by simply tapping on the lid and turning the bottle upside down. If the water temperature is high, when you open the cap it will remind you to pay attention with a "HOT".

  • Freshness Check

    When the water has been sitting about for too long, DrinKup will remind you if your water is stale so you can pour to make sure you always have the freshest water to drink.

High Grade Materials. Superior Temperature Preservation

Made with the safest and highest quality stainless steel, DrinKup takes craftsmanship to the next level. Combined with newest temperature preservation technology, DrinkUp offers our users the optimal drinking experience.

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Hydration Balance Throughout the Day

According to your hydration habits, DrinKup will provide valuable analytics on your hydration status. e.g. Your current hydration %, Total water intake, and hours of continuous water consumption. A graphical chart will show you if you are well balanced in your hydration throughout the day.

Integrated for Healthy Living

DrinKup integrates with other health devices like, Apple Health and Fitbit. Delivering the most comprehensive health information you need for a better lifestyle.

Hydration Information in One App

Every time you use DrinKup, the amount you drink and the time will be logged. Through our unique app you will find useful analytics on your hydration information.

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Keep Your Family Hydrated

With the Family subaccount feature, your children without smartphones can add sub accounts to your phone. Helping you check to make sure your children are well hydrated throughout the day and building the right hydration habits they need.

Interact with Your Friends

The Friends page lets you add your friends who also have a DrinKup. You can check out their hydration status and if it gets low, send them a reminder to Drink up.

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