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  • User Manual
    • Where can I download DrinKup user manual?
  • DrinKup App
    • 1 Download & Install the DrinKup App.

      Download & install the DrinKup App

      Note: Before pairing the DrinKup smart lid will not show any hydration information. You will need to download and pair the app before the DrinKup smart bottle will be able to start keeping track of your hydration information. DrinKup will only take a few minutes to install.

    • 2 How to register for a DrinKup account

      Step 1

      Open the DrinKup app and click "register"

      Step 2

      For first time users, please click "Register Account" in the lower left corner to create a new DrinKup account.

      Step 3

      Enter your email address & password and click next. We suggest you use your usual email for your DrinKup App account. If you forget the password, the system can send you a temporary password so that you can login to your account.

      Step 4

      Enter your basic information and the app will calculate your recommended daily hydration needs. Setting your ID will help your friends easily find you so you can be connected. The ID can only be set once so pick carefully.

    • 3 How to pair DrinKup

      Step 1

      To start pairing the DrinKup bottle, turn on the Bluetooth of your smart device and make sure you have a stable internet connection. Then click on start setting

      Step 2

      The DrinKup App will start to locate your DrinKup smart bottle

      Step 3

      Select the DrinKup bottle that has been detected.

      Step 4

      The DrinKup smart bottle LED will display the following icon Tap on the screen and the Icon, will then change to the following iconIndicating that pairing is completed.

    • 4 Setting a name for your DrinKup smart bottle

      After successfully pairing your device

      you can set a distinct name for your DrinKup bottle. Save the settings and DrinKup smart bottle is good to go.

    • 5 How to check your hydration balance

      Step 1

      Open up the DrinKup app, and check your hydration balance % for today.

      Step 2

      Click on the "Hydration chart" below to check on your hydration log.

      Step 3

      DrinKup will record the amount of water and the time that you have hydrated.

      Step 4

      In the History section you of the app you can click on each day to display the hydration history you have for that day.

    • 6 Smart cap software update

      Step 1

      Ensure that the app and DrinKup smart bottle are paired correctly, then open the App and click on the App settings section. When there is a new update the app will show the following

      Step 2

      Under the bottle settings section click on the paired DrinKup bottle that you have named.

      Step 3

      Click on the "Update Firmware" button to automatically update the firmware. During the update process, the cap will display an update icon. When the update is completed the smart lid will automatically restart and display "ON".

    • 7 Unpairing your smart cap from your smart device

      Step 1

      Make sure the smart device and smart bottle are connected, Open the App and click on the settings section.

      Step 2

      Under the bottle settings section click on the paired DrinKup bottle that you have named.

      Step 3

      After entering bottle settings for your DrinKup, click on the "Remove DrinKup" button to unpair your device.

    • 8 Setting your hydration time period

      Step 1

      Confirm that your DrinKup bottle and your App are paired correctly. Then open the App and click on the settings page.

      Step 2

      Click on Profile Settings

      Step 3

      By Default the hydration period is set from 8:00AM - 10:00PM, you can customize your time frame depending on your hydration needs.

      Hydration Sleep Time

      During time periods outside of your hydration time period, the APP will display your hydration results for the day. The APP will also be displayed as a different color to let you know you are out of your hydration time period. On the smart lid, the LED will display ZZZ meaning that you are out of your hydration time period and any hydration information will not be recorded during this time.

  • Product
    • Why does my smart cap not light up when I tap on the cap?
    • How to turn on the smart cap?

      Double tap the cap and hold for 5 sec until you see the screen displays "ON". The smart cap is now activated. Make sure to peel off the protective film on the cap and fully screw the cap on to the bottle to turn on the cap.

    • How to turn off the smart cap?

      Double tap the cap and hold for 5 sec until you see the screen displays "OFF". The smart cap is now switched off. Make sure to peel off the protective film on the cap and fully screw the cap on to the bottle to turn on the cap.

    • Why is my bottle displaying "ZZZ"?

      DrinKup will not record your hydration status when it's out of the "Drink Record Time" frame, and will display "ZZZ" on the lid during that time.

      *Factory default setting for "Drink Record Time" is 08:00-22:00. You may customize this recording time by going in to your DrinKup app -> Settings -> Profile Settings.

    • How to detect my drink's temperature?

      Tap & hold lid for 3 seconds until a star appears. Flip the bottle upside down until the lid vibrates. Then flip the bottle back to its upright position, the temperature will be displayed on the lid.

    • What is hot water alert?

      When your drink's temperature is above 50℃, the lid will display "Hot" to warn you when you open the cap.

    • Why should I update my bottle's firmware?

      New firmware will constantly be updated to increase the stability and more functions. To updated firmware to go the DrinKup app -> Settings -> Bottle settings. An "N" will appear if there is an new firmware updates.

    • How to update firmware?

      Step 1:

      Make sure DrinKup is connected with your smart device. Open the DrinKup app and go to Settings.

      Step 2:

      Select the DrinKup bottle that you are currently paired with.

      Step 3:

      Enter your email and password and click "Next". Then click "Firmware Update" to update to the latest firmware. The lid will light up when updating is in progress. When updating complete, the lid will display "ON".

    • How to unpair bottle with my smart device?

      Step 1:

      Make sure your DrinKup bottle is next to the smart device, and Bluetooth is switched on.

      Step 2:

      Select the bottle you are currently paired with.

      Step 3:

      Press "Remove DrinKup" to unpair the bottle.

    • How to hard reset my DrinKup?
      Flip open the USB port rubber piece. Push in the small hole located under the USB charging port with a paper clip until you see the lid display "ON".
      *Do not touch the screen when doing system reset to get the most accurate touch sensor calibration. (Do not touch screen)
      (Reset button located under the USB charging port)
    • What does the hydration balance in % mean on the app?

      DrinKup records your water intake every time you take a sip from the bottle. Hydration balance (%) is your current hydration status. Your hydration balance (%) will drop over time, and increase when you are hydrating from the bottle.
      We recommend to stay your hydration balance above 90% all the time to optimize your hydration status.

    • How do I monitor my hydration balance?

      [Step 1] Close and secure lid after drinking water. Place bottle on a flat surface (e.g. on a table). The smart lid will record your water intake and calculate your current hydration balance/status.
      [Step 2] Tap the lid once when the lid is closed to display your current hydration balance/status.

    • How does DrinKup remind me to drink water?

      [Reminder from DrinKup] DrinKup will remind you to hydrate when your hydration balance is lower than 80%. The lid will vibrate and display a "heart". You will receive a drink reminder message on your smart device as well.
      [Reminder from friends] When your friend send you a drink reminder, your DrinKup app will display reminder messages from the friends who sent you the reminder.

    • Does DrinKup know how much water is in my bottle?

      DrinKup records your water intake every time you take a sip. The display in % on the smart lid is your current hydration balance/status, not how much water is remain in the bottle.
      PS. bottle volume is 500 ml (or 17oz)

    • How to charge my DrinKup bottle?


      1.) Make sure the smart lid is dry before charging.
      2.) Turn clockwise to open the protective cover on the lid until you see the rubber USB cover.
      3.) Gently open the rubber USB cover with your fingernail, and plug in the USB charger. The lid will light up when charging is in progress. The light will turn off when charging is complete.
      4.) Place back the rubber USB cover when charging complete. Make sure the rubber USB cover is placed in position properly.
      5.) Turn counter clockwise to close the protective cover on the lid to prevent water from going in.

    • My cap is turned on, but why doesn't the cap light up when I tap it?

      Touch sensor is activated only when the smart cap is fully screwed on to the bottle.

    • How do I know how much battery life the bottle has?

      Battery life indicator is located on the top right corner of the app page. Charge the smart cap when you see the battery life indicator shows empty.

    • How long does the bottle last on a full charge?

      DrinKup can last over 2 to 3 months on a full charge depending on how often you use the bottle.

  • General
    • Where can I buy DrinKup?
    • How do I pay for DrinKup?

      We accept credit card payments: VISA / MASTER
      (We currently do not accept JCB and American Express or other form of credit cards)。

    • Is it secure when I purchase with my credit card?
      Yes, your payment and information is completely private. We use Stripe as our payment center for highest security possible.
    • How can I revise my order?
      To revise order such as change of address and product color. please email our support team at service@mydrinkup.com and provide them your order number, name, email, and revision request.
  • Shipping
    • How long will it take for product to arrive?
    • How can I change my shipping address?
      If the product is not shipped yet, please email our support team at service@mydrinkup.com and provide them your order number, email, and revision request.
    • Where does DrinKup ship to?
      We currently only ship to USA, Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.
    • How much is the shipping cost?
      Please refer to our shipping info page at : Shipping
    • How do I track my order?
      You will receive an order confirmation email when you purchased the product. When the product has been shipped out, you will receive another email with the order tracking number to track your package online.
    • What to do if I did not receive my product?
      Please contact our support team at service@mydrinkup.com and we will check and track your order for you.
  • Warranty
    • What's the warranty for DrinKup?

      All DrinKup products come with a 1-year warranty from the product ship out date.

    •  What does the warranty cover?

      We will repair the product free of charge when it is under the warranty period. Warranty does not cover when product has been misused not following the user manual or damaged by manmade mistakes. A repair fee will be charged.

    • Does warranty cover lost or stolen of my DrinKup?

      Unfortunately, our warranty does not cover any lost or stolen of the product.

  • Cancel/Return
    • How do I cancel my order?
    • How do I return the product?

      Click here to download DrinKup latest user manual : Return Policy

  • Questions & Suggestions
    • We welcome any suggestions & recommendations to make our product and service better.