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Gadgets and Wearables | 19.07.23.*
Smart gadgets that help you drink more water
In our review we found this is is a very well thought out product that takes the hassle out of logging your water intake. It works seamlessly dishing out reminders when it’s time to take a drink and not overloading you with stats.
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LA Times | 19.07.19
The best reusable water bottles
The stainless steel DrinKup bottle hold 17 ounces — and vibrates to remind you to drink. The LED screen embedded in its cap also serves up reminders to take a sip.
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TECHEBLOG | 19.01.11
DrinKup Smart Bottle Keeps You Hydrated by Tracking Your Daily Activities
If you’re a health conscious person who stays connected with smart devices, we definitely recommend this product, since you’ll always know when to hydrate, or at least get reminders.
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SELF | 19.01.03
22 Easy Ways to Drink More Water Every Day
What better way to take your tracking to the next level than with the high-tech DrinKup and accompanying app?
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Essence | 19.01.03
5 Water Bottles That Are Perfect For Quenching Your Thirst At Work
If you’re don't know whether or not you drink enough water, DrinKup has a smart bottle that will hydrate all of those worries away.
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Forbes | 19.01.30
Valentine's Day Gift Guide
If you’re don't know whether or not you drink enough water, DrinKup has a smart bottle that will hydrate all of those worries away.
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The Gadgeteer | 18.05.02.*
DrinKup Smart Water Bottle Review
I love that the lid will stay charged for such a long period of time. I have used it for a little over a week and it just lost one of the bars on the battery. It does do an excellent job of keeping me hydrated.
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Blossom | 18.12.10
15 Gifts To Give The Friend Who Needs Help Getting Their Life Together
Do you know that your BFF never drinks enough water? If so, this is the perfect gift. It's a smart water bottle that tracks and monitors your daily hydration.
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Alaska Airlines Magazine | 18.05.00
Upping Your Game
Stay hydrated is important for sports and general health. An LED display embedded in the lid top of this insulated steel vessel tracks a user's water intake and provides reminders to drink.
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iPhone Life Magazine | 18.08.02
Best and Worst Features of iOS12
It's a water bottle that pairs with an app on your phone and tells you how much water you're drinking throughout the day. That's been a goal of mine to make sure that I'm staying hydrated, because the more I read about it, the more I'm like wow, it's super important to drink enough water.
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Hello Giggles | 18.07.03
How to stay safe during this extreme summer heat, because it's no joke
If you have a hard time remembering to stay hydrated throughout the day, there are apps and even smart water bottles, such as DrinkUp
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Smarter Travel | 18.06.11.*
DrinKup Review: 'A Smart Water Bottle Hits the Market'
If you’re into the latest tech and like to stay hydrated, DrinKup’s bottle is very useful. I’ve tried stand-alone hydration apps and nothing stuck until I tested this bottle. (Usefulness: 8/10)
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Tech Republic | 18.05.04
The best tech-inspired gifts for Mother's Day
The DrinKup smart water bottle helps you stay hydrated by recommending the best water intake amount, as well as alerting you with a vibration and app notification when it's time to drink more water.
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A Sweat Life | 18.05.08
The Best Recovery Gadgets For Your Toughest Workouts
It logs your hydration level, detects water temperature, provides a freshness check and reminds you to keep drinking. Think of it as a personal assistant for your hydration.
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Bag Snob | 18.04.28
The Best Affordable Gifts for Mom this Mother's Day
DrinKup recommends the most appropriate water intake needed according to mom’s height, weight, and daily activities.
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Digital Trends | 18.06.06.*
The Best Smart Water Bottles
In addition to tracking when and how much you’re drinking, the bottle generates on ongoing hydration status in the form of a percentage that’s viewable via the lid — as well as in the app. This indicates your current hydration level based on your daily goal that’s calculated given your height and weight.
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Greatist | 18.06.08
Father's Day Gift Ideas for Last-Minute Shoppers
Everybody loves staying hydrated, including tech-minded dads on the go. This ingenious smart bottle keeps Dad on the ball by keeping tabs on his water intake in real time.
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KCAL | 18.06.09
DrinKup Smart Water Bottle
It’s a smart water bottle that will remind dad when it’s time for him to drink more water. Through an app and the smart lid, DrinKup recommends the appropriate water intake needs according to dad’s height, weight and daily activities.
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YourTango | 18.06.25
The 47 Best Yoda Gifts So You can Namaste All Day
The smart bottle logs the user’s hydration and notifies them when it’s time to DrinKup. It also detects the water temperature and provides a freshness check, reminding the user when the water has gone stale.
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Deal Spotr | 18.07.30
These 9 Smart Water Bottles (Like Hidrate Spark) Sync with Fitbit, iOS, and Android to Track Your Water Intake
The DrinKup bottle is one of the top choices on the market right now for two reasons: it looks elegant, but has a boat-load of features. All of the technology is found in the smart lid, which has an LED screen designed for monitoring your progress.
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Geek Mom | 18.08.13
Back-To-School Guide 2018
Keep track of your students hydration with the DrinkKup water bottle. The free app and sensor cap tells you how much they’ve had and how much they have left to go before they are properly hydrated for the day.
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Whisky + Sunshine | 18.08.31
Back-To-School Shopping Guide
The perfect back to school companion, this smart water bottle allows you to have all your hydration stats in the palm of your hand. Integrated to your mobile device, including Apple Health and Fitbit.
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Review Geek | 18.09.20
The Best Smart Water Bottles to Keep You Hydrated
The DrinKup Bottle uses an app to take all of these factors into consideration and more. You can even share your daily status with your favorite fitness apps like FitBit or Apple Health.
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Hello Betty | 18.09.21
DrinKup - A Tech Lovers' Dream
DrinKup works differently than some other smart bottles that I have seen, and I actually like this one better because I adore the display that is actually on the bottle itself. This gives me the freedom to know my water level without having to actually be by my phone, which I must admit is rarely.
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Yoga Life Live | 18.09.28
Yoga Month Roundup 2018
Stay happy, healthy and hydrated for all your yogi adventures with the new DrinKup smart water bottle that gives real-time hydration stats by recording your hydration routines and sending reminders when it’s time to “drink up!”
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HUFF POST | 18.10.16
13 Hacks That Will Force You to Drink More Water Each Day
Tracking your water intake tends to get lost among all your other daily to-dos ― hence the popularity of smart water bottles, which do all of the tracking for you.
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iPhone Life | 18.11.14
Holiday Gift Ideas under $100 for 2018: Tech Gadgets for Everyone on Your List
Our editor in chief Donna has been testing this beautifully built 17-ounce vessel for months and has noticed an increased awareness and improvement of her hydration levels.
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Daily Beast | 18.11.14
Gifts The Wellness-Obsessed In Your Life Will Appreciate
A water bottle might sound like the most boring gift out there, but trust me, this one is different.
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Tech Gadgets Canada | 18.11.14
My Favorite Gadgets
I’ve been taking it everywhere because I’m really bad at remembering to drink water. The smart lid in the double walled stainless bottle reminds me to drink water, and keeps tabs on how much i have, keeping track of it all in the app.
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Buisness Travel Life | 18.11.21
Holiday Gift Guide 2018: Healthy Travel Gifts
Even better, the lid and mobile app send continuous reminders to ‘drink up’ so travelers can stay hydrated wherever they are.
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Erin L | 18.11.27
Drinkup smart water bottle review
I was surprised at how much I liked this bottle and how helpful it was to keep me properly hydrated. I think the app works well and having the alerts and notifications in lights on the lid is convenient.
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Daily Mom | 18.11.29
12 Best Gift Ideas for Men
A smart water bottle is the ideal gift for the practical minded, the person who has it all, the health conscious, the athletic, and everyone between. Everyone could benefit from this product that is easy to operate, easy to understand, and easy to fall in love with.
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Food Network | 18.11.30
The 10 Best Water Bottles You Can Buy on Amazon Right Now
Get connected with your hydration needs! The Smart Bottle recommends, prompts (via a vibrating cap and pushed notifications) and tracks your water intake daily to further support your healthy hydration habits.
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enRoute | 18.12.01
The Ultimate Travel Gear of 2018
The light-up lid tells you how hydrated you are and vibrates when it’s time to take a sip, which is especially important on, say, a Peruvian trek 1,500 metres above sea level.
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Forbes | 18.02.02
DrinKup Smart Bottle Review
The DrinKup smart bottle is a neat item if you like to have smart devices in your life that tell you when to do things because that's how we live now. There's no shame in relying on your water bottle to tell you when to drink.
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Digital Trends | 17.12.06
DrinKup Smart Bottle Review
While plenty of smart water bottles depend upon companion smartphone apps as the conduit to their connected capabilities, the DrinKup actually keeps all hydration statistics handy within the bottle itself.
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Cigar & Spirits Magazine | 18.08.00
Hot Gear and Accessories For the Boys of Summer
The DrinKup smart bottle has solved this with a stout insulated bottle that keeps track of our water intake, and reminds us if we need to hydrate.
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